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The Catholic University of America maintains a network of international partners across nearly every continent.  International partnerships help drive the University’s strategic plan in support of our institutional mission.  These partnerships connect Catholic University students, faculty, and staff with the top researchers and scholars around the globe.   The partnerships also encourage dialogue about the intersection of the Catholic identity, university mission, and internationalization initiatives amongst leaders at Catholic University and partner universities. 

Specially, student exchange partnerships ensure all Catholic University students receive the opportuniy to engage in a rigorous, immersive experience abroad. These reciprocal exchanges also enhance the diveristy and culture on Catholic University's campus as we welcome students from partner universities around the world to study in D.C. for a semester or academic year. 


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- International  Buddy Program -

We encourage students to share and embrace their cultures by pairing international students with our CUA local students.   Please click here to learn more about this program.


- DC Tour -

Washington DC is full of historical and political sites to visit. We organize tours to have our exchange students get to know the city and American culture. 


"Everyone is so welcoming" 

 What I like most about CUA is the community formed by professors, staff, and students. You truly feel that you are a part of the University. I currently belong to Pasión de Sol, College Republicans, and the International Affairs Association.  As one of the international students, I feel that everyone is very welcoming. As a student of politics, I love the chance to visit places like the U.S. Capitol and think tanks --- Beatriz De León Cobo, Fall '17   


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